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April 10-14, 2018 · Vancouver

TED Fellows

Meet the new class of TED Fellows and returning Senior Fellows who will share their ideas and innovations at TED2018.

Benedetta Berti

International policy analyst
Benedetta Berti studies how conflicts impact civilians.

Benedetta Berti is an expert on political violence, civil war and security — especially in the Middle East. She has spent a decade researching non-state armed groups — from terrorists to insurgents to militias — and works with governments and NGOs to offer new approaches for conflict resolution. In her book, Armed Political Organizations: From Conflict to Integration, Berti looks at Hezbollah, Hamas, the Irish Republican Army and other groups that have their roots in insurgency but moved into the political sphere. She offers surprising answers on why this happens and what it means. 

Berti’s current projects include leading an effort to design new parameters for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and conducting a policy study on how to effectively deliver humanitarian aid to cut-off areas in Syria and Iraq. She recently completed a study on Gaza’s security infrastructure. And her writing has appeared in Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs.


Steve Boyes

Conservation biologist
Steve Boyes is working to study and conserve the endangered Okavango Delta in Botswana.

South African conservation biologist Steve Boyes explores and studies remote wildernesses in Africa, including the endangered Okavango Delta, to protect and restore them. Trained as an ornithologist, he is the Executive Director of the Wild Bird Trust and a Fellow at the National Geographic Society. 

intotheokavango.org   ·   @drsteveboyes ×

Antionette Carroll

Social entrepreneur + designer
Antionette Carroll uses design to build racially equitable communities.

Designer and social entrepreneur Antionette Carroll was living in St. Louis, Missouri during the 2014 protests that followed the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, Jr in Ferguson. Recognizing the need for a new space of inclusion, creativity and action, she formed Creative Reaction Lab, a social justice nonprofit that supports Black and Latinx populations in employing social justice-oriented design thinking to create racially equitable communities. Projects that emerged from that first lab in 2014 ranged in nature from public art initiatives to educational programs – including Cards Against Brutality, a game and curriculum addressing media framing, and Look Beyond Your Fear, a guerrilla street art campaign. Today, the St. Louis-based nonprofit educates and engages Black and Latinx youth to upend traditional design thinking and address racial inequities within the industries of education, government and public service, health and healthcare and media.

creativereactionlab.com   ·   @acarrolldesign ×

Prosanta Chakrabarty

Prosanta Chakrabarty studies fish to help explain the evolution of human beings and our planet.

Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty is an Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes at the Museum of Natural Science and Department of Biological Science at Louisiana State University.

Chakrabarty is a systematist and an ichthyologist studying the evolution and biogeography of both freshwater and marine fishes. His work includes studies of Neotropical (Central and South America, Caribbean) and Indo-West Pacific (Indian and Western Pacific Ocean) fishes. His natural history collecting efforts include trips to Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Madagascar, Panama, Kuwait and many other countries. He has discovered over a dozen new species including new anglerfishes and cavefishes.

The LSU Museum of Natural Science fish collection that Chakrabarty oversees includes nearly half a million fish specimens and nearly 10,000 DNA samples covering most major groups of fishes. He earned his PhD at the University of Michigan and his undergraduate degree is from McGill University in Montreal. He has written two books including A Guide to Academia: Getting into and Surviving Grad School, Postdocs and a Research Job. He is also a former Program Director at the National Science Foundation. He was named a TED Fellow in 2016 and a TED Senior Fellow in 2018.


Essam Daod

Mental health specialist
Essam Doad provides first response mental health interventions to refugees and displaced populations.

In 2015, child psychiatrist Essam Daod was a volunteer doctor on the Greek island of Lesbos, where he witnessed the unspeakable suffering and trauma of thousands of refugees arriving from the Middle East, Asia and Africa. “I left the island wondering how these people can handle all this loss and trauma without any kind of psychosocial support,” he remembers. So, Daod founded the humanitarian aid agency Humanity Crew in 2015 with his wife Maria Jammal to provide such support. With an operating base in Greece, Humanity Crew recruits, trains and deploys mental health professionals and qualified volunteers to deliver psychosocial services to refugees and displaced populations in an effort to improve refugee well-being and prevent further psychological trauma. Leading research in the field of refugee mental health, Humanity Crew ultimately hopes to raise the profile of mental health care as a fundamental aspect of emergency humanitarian crisis response.

humanitycrew.org   ·   @essamdaod ×

Laura L. Dunn

Victims' rights attorney
TED Fellow Laura L. Dunn advocates for survivors of campus sexual violence through effective legal assistance, policy advocacy, and institutional training.

Laura L. Dunn, Esq., advances victims' rights through legislative and policy efforts, as well as direct representation of survivors in campus, criminal and civil systems. As a nationally-recognized victim-turned-victims’ rights attorney and social entrepreneur, her work has been featured by National Public Radio, PEOPLE Magazine, Forbes, the National Law Journal, the New York Times and many more .

While a law student, Dunn contributed to the 2011 and 2014 Title IX guidance issued by the US Department of Education. She also worked with Congress to pass the 2013 Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and its federal regulations. For this advocacy, Vice President Joe Biden and Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy have publicly recognized Dunn. Upon graduation from Maryland Law, she founded the survivor-led and DC-based legal organization, SurvJustice. It is still the only national nonprofit representing victims of campus sexual violence in hearings across the country and is currently the lead plaintiff in a pending federal lawsuit against the Trump administration over Title IX.

As an attorney, Dunn is now a published legal scholar, an adjunct law professor, a member of the American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence and its Criminal Justice Section's Task Force on College Due Process, a liaison to the American Law Institute’s Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault and its Student Sexual Misconduct Project, an accomplished litigator who helped win the first-ever recognition of a federal victim-advocate privilege in court and an expert legal consultant on various campus sexual assault lawsuits. 

For her work, Dunn has received a 2015 Echoing Green Global Fellowship, the 2016 Benjamin Cardin Public Service Award, the 2017 Department of Justice’s Special Courage Award and a 2018 TED Fellowship, along with other honors and recognitions.

survjustice.org   ·   @LauraLDunnEsq ×

Rola Hallam

Humanitarian aid entrepreneur
TED Fellow Rola Hallam helps local humanitarians provide aid to their own war-devastated communities.

After war broke out in her home country of Syria, British-Syrian anaesthesiologist Rola Hallam wanted to use her medical expertise to work directly with Syrian NGOs to help save lives. She co-founded Hand in Hand for Syria, which played an integral part in building seven hospitals in northern Syria. But Hallam wanted to make sure local aid organizations – not just international NGOs – had support too. So in 2016, she founded CanDo, a social enterprise that enables local humanitarians from war-devastated areas to provide aid to their own communities through global crowdfunding and supporting them through an accelerator program. To date, CanDo has helped raise $400,000 from over 5,000 donors around the world. Hallam also works as a global advocate to press decision-makers to stop the targeting of civilians in war zones, and the protection of medical neutrality.

candoaction.org   ·   @candoaction ×

M Jackson

Geographer + glaciologist
M Jackson researches the cultural and social impacts of climate change on communities.
Glaciologist M Jackson researches the cultural and social impacts of climate change on communities across all eight circumpolar nations. She has worked for over a decade in the Arctic chronicling the impacts of climate change there, guiding backcountry trips and exploring glacial systems. She is also a passionate advocate for making the glacier sciences more inclusive and for expanding conventional scientific practices to include and value indigenous and local knowledge. Her 2015 book While Glaciers Slept: Being Human in a Time of Climate Change weaves together parallel stories of what happens when the climates of both a family and a planet change, and her more recent work The Secret Lives of Glaciers tells the stories of Icelandic people and glaciers through the lens of climatic change. She’s currently working on In Tangible Ice, a multi-year Arctic project examining the socio-physical dimensions of glacier retreat in near-glacier communities.
drmjackson.com   ·   @Dr_M_Jackson_ ×

Yasin Kakande

Investigative journalist, author
Yasin Kakande is exposing the human rights abuses of migrant workers in the Middle East.

Investigative journalist Yasin Kakande works undercover in the Middle East to expose human rights abuses of migrant workers. He investigates the reasons why Africans choose to migrate to the Middle East, Europe and America, and traces the severe consequences of countries closing their borders to African migrants. A migrant himself, first to the Middle East and recently to the US, Kakande is the author of two books: Slave States, an expose of the enslavement, trafficking and abuse of workers in the Gulf Arab Region, and The Ambitious Struggle: An African Journalist's Journey of Hope and Identity in a Land of Migrants.

yasinkakande.com   ·   @yasikak ×

Isadora Kosofsky

Photojournalist + filmmaker
Isadora Kosofsky photographs underrepresented communities in America with a characteristic immersive approach.
Isadora Kosofsky began taking photographs after the death of her grandmother, who raised her. Then just age 14, Kosofsky found solace by photographing the individuals in retirement and nursing homes around her city of Los Angeles, California. Now, she devotes herself to documenting American social issues from a humanistic stance, exploring underrepresented communities such as senior citizens, developmentally disabled populations and incarcerated youth. She takes an immersive approach, working with her subjects for years at a time and believes that the relationships she forms with her long-term subjects are often tantamount to the image-making itself. Currently, Kosofsky is working on a documentary project about young women, ages 15 to 25, and the effects of early childhood violence and PTSD on their intimate lives.
isadorakosofsky.com   ·   @isadorakosofsky ×

Adam Kucharski

Infectious disease scientist
Adam Kucharski is working to understand how epidemics spread, and how they can be controlled.
Adam Kucharski creates mathematical and computational approaches to help us understand how epidemics like Zika and Ebola spread, and how we can better control them. During the 2013–2016 Ebola epidemic, he worked on real-time modelling analysis in West Africa, advising on disease containment strategies. He has also led analysis of influenza, dengue fever and Zika outbreaks. His research is providing new insights into how Zika spread prior to the Latin American epidemic, as well as showing how social behavior can shape influenza outbreaks. His popular science articles have appeared in publications including The Observer, Financial Times, New Scientist and Scientific American. Currently, Kucharski is developing new ways to extract reliable insights about disease transmission from unreliable surveillance data.
kucharski.io   ·   @AdamjKucharski ×

Romain Lacombe

Environmental entrepreneur
Romain Lacombe creates technology ro track and forecast air quality levels in real time.
With his environmental technology startup Plume Labs, inventor Romain Lacombe builds advanced technologies to help citizens measure, track, map and forecast the quality of the air they breathe. Plume’s free mobile app sends live smog alerts to help you take action against pollution. “Air quality is the first avoidable cause of death today,” Lacombe says. “Yet not tech company or government agency is addressing it with our focus, resolve and citizen-centric approach." Lacombe’s team is currently developing Flow, a wearable air-quality sensor that analyzes ambient air quality, alerting users as well as creating crowdsourced air-quality maps.
plumelabs.com   ·   @rlacombe ×

Lucy Marcil

Pediatrician + social entrepreneur
Lucy Marcil is providing fiscal services to low income families in the doctor’s waiting room.
Pediatrician Lucy Marcil helps low income families tackle their financial problems in an effort to decrease stress and improve child health. In 2015, along with fellow pediatrician Michael Hole, Marcil founded StreetCred, a Boston-based nonprofit that helps families file taxes and apply for such social and financial services as the Earned Income Tax Credit — the United States’ largest anti-poverty program — from the safety and support of their doctor’s waiting room. While such services have been proven to improve health and well-being, they are typically difficult to access. “Families trust their doctors, making hospitals and clinics an excellent place to provide families with free tax preparation and financial coaching, job training and childcare,” Marcil says. Over the last two years, StreetCred has returned over $1.6M to 750 families and is now piloting an initiative to provide families with a bundle of services to create financial stability.
mystreetcred.org ×

Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil

Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil studies the structure and dynamics of galaxies to help us understand how they form and evolve.
Turkish astrophysicist Burçin Mutlu-Pakdil studies the structure and dynamics of galaxies. Her own discovery of a rare, double-ringed elliptical galaxy – nicknamed “Burçin’s Galaxy” – challenges our current theories and assumptions about how the universe works. As a Muslim woman, an immigrant astronomer and the first generation in her family to attend university, Mutlu-Pakdil is also passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the scientific community. “As a female astronomer, I dream to be an inspiring role model who shows everyone that science can be both enjoyable and reachable for anyone, especially for women,” she says. As a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Arizona, Mutlu-Pakdil is currently searching for the smallest galaxies in the nearby Universe, a key to understanding early galaxy formation.
burcinmutlupakdil.net   ·   @bmutlupakdil ×

Faith Osier

Infectious disease doctor
Faith Osier is studying how humans acquire immunity to malaria, translating her research into new malaria vaccines.
Malaria kills hundreds of thousands of children in Africa each year, leaving many survivors with lifelong disabilities. Kenyan immunologist Faith Osier studies how humans acquire immunity to the infectious disease, translating her research into new, highly effective malaria vaccines. “The solution I see is a return to basics, using the most advanced technology to go back to the malaria parasite and determine which proteins are responsible for the type of antibodies that eliminate malaria infections,” she says. Faith is also passionate about training African scientists, equipping them to be global leaders who can contribute to Africa’s economic growth through the eradication of disease. She is currently working as a researcher at the Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and is the founder of the South-South Malaria Antigen Research ParTnership (SMART) network, which allows scientific collaborators from African countries to share samples and resources to accelerate vaccine development.
kemri-wellcome.org/author/faith/   ·   @FaithOsier ×

Joshua Roman

Joshua Roman is an internationally recognized cellist.

Dubbed a “Classical Rock Star” by the press, cellist Joshua Roman has earned a national reputation for performing a wide range of repertoire with an absolute commitment to communicating the essence of the music at its most organic level. Before embarking on a solo career, he was for two seasons principal cellist of the Seattle Symphony, a position he won in 2006 at the age of 22. For his ongoing creative initiatives on behalf of classical music, he has been selected as a 2011 TED Fellow, joining a select group of Next Generation innovators who have shown unusual accomplishments and the potential to positively affect the world.

Roman’s 2009–10 season engagements include debuts as concerto soloist with the San Francisco Symphony, as well as the Albany, Arkansas, and Santa Barbara Symphonies, the New Philharmonic Orchestra in Illinois, Oklahoma’s Signature Symphony, and Kentucky’s Lexington Philharmonic. In recent seasons he has performed with the Seattle Symphony, where he gave the world premiere of David Stock’s Cello Concerto, as well as with the Symphonies of Edmonton, Quad City, Spokane, and Stamford, and the Oklahoma City Philharmonic, among others. In 2008, Roman performed Britten’s third Cello Suite during New York’s Mostly Mozart Festival in a pre-concert recital at Avery Fisher Hall. In April 2009, he was the only guest artist invited to play an unaccompanied solo during the YouTube Symphony Orchestra’s debut concert at Carnegie Hall.

In addition to his solo work, Roman is an avid chamber music performer. He has enjoyed collaborations with veterans like Earl Carlyss and Christian Zacharias, as well as the Seattle Chamber Music Society and the International Festival of Chamber Music in Lima, Peru. He often joins forces with other dynamic young soloists and performers from New York’s contemporary music scene, including Alarm Will Sound, So Percussion, and artists from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center’s CMS Two. In spring 2007, he was named Artistic Director of TownMusic, an experimental chamber music series at Town Hall in Seattle, where he creates programs that feature new works and reflect the eclectic range of his musical influences and inspirations.

Committed to making music accessible to a wider audience, Roman may be found anywhere from a club to a classroom, whether performing jazz, rock, chamber music, or a solo sonata by Bach or Kodály. His versatility as a performer and his ongoing exploration of new concertos, chamber music, and solo cello works have spawned projects with composers such as Aaron Jay Kernis, Mason Bates, and Dan Visconti. One of Roman’s current undertakings is an online video series calledThe Popper Project—wherever the cellist and his laptop find themselves, he performs an étude from David Popper’s “High School of Cello Playing” and uploads it, unedited, to his YouTube channel. Roman’s outreach endeavors have taken him to Uganda with his violin-playing siblings, where they played chamber music in schools, HIV/AIDS centers, and displacement camps, communicating a message of hope through music.


Paul Rucker

Visual artist, cellist
Paul Rucker creates art that explores issues related to mass incarceration, racially-motivated violence, police brutality and the continuing impact of slavery in the US.

Paul Rucker is a visual artist, composer, and musician who often combines media, integrating live performance, sound, original compositions and visual art. His work is the product of a rich interactive process, through which he investigates community impacts, human rights issues, historical research and basic human emotions surrounding particular subject matter. Much of his current work focuses on the Prison Industrial Complex and the many issues accompanying incarceration in its relationship to slavery. He has presented performances and visual art exhibitions across the country and has collaborated with educational institutions to address the issue of mass incarceration. Presentations have taken place in schools, active prisons and also inactive prisons such as Alcatraz.

His largest installation to date, REWIND, garnered praise from Baltimore Magazine awarding Rucker "Best Artist 2015." Additionally, REWIND received "Best Solo Show 2015" and "#1 Art Show of 2015" from Baltimore City Paper, reviews by The Huffington Post, Artnet News, Washington Post, The Root and The Real News Network. Rucker has received numerous grants, awards and residencies for visual art and music. He is a 2012 Creative Capital Grantee in visual art as well as a 2014 and 2018 MAP (Multi-Arts Production) Fund Grantee for performance. In 2015 he received a prestigious Joan Mitchell Painters & Sculptors Grant as well as the Mary Sawyer Baker Award. In 2016 Paul received the Rauschenberg Artist as Activist fellowship and the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship, for which he is the first artist in residence at the new National Museum of African American Culture.

Residencies include MacDowell Colony, Blue Mountain Center, Ucross Foundation, Art OMI, Banff Centre, Pilchuck Glass School, Rauschenberg Residency, Joan Mitchell Residency, Hemera Artist Retreat, Air Serembe, Creative Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation Study Center in Bellagio, Italy.  In 2013-2015, he was the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation Artist in Residence and Research Fellow at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He was most recently awarded a 2017 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, a 2018 TED Fellowship and the 2018 Arts Innovator Award from the Dale and Leslie Chihuly Foundation and Artist Trust. Rucker is an iCubed Visiting Arts Fellow embedded at the Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Rucker's latest work, Storm in the Time of Shelter, an installation of 52 custom Ku Klux Klan robes and related artifacts, is featured in the exhibition "Declaration," on view at the new Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia through September 9, 2018.

rewindexhibition.com   ·   @blackcellist ×

Kaitlyn Sadtler

Regenerative tissue engineer
Kaitlyn Sadtler is harnessing the body’s natural immune system to create new regenerative medicines.
Tissue engineer Kaitlyn Sadtler harnesses the body’s natural immune system to create regenerative systems that mend muscle and heal wounds quickly. While working on her PhD at Johns Hopkins, Sadtler discovered an immune cell critical for muscle regeneration. Now a postdoctoral fellow at MIT, she works to promote tissue regeneration through modulating the immune system using scaffolds created with both synthetic materials, like degradable plastics, as well as biologic materials, like collagen — integrating immunology with bioengineering. “If we give injured tissue the correct environment, we can regenerate a functional replacement organ,” she says. “This field will transform our methods of regenerating tissue, decreasing the need for organ transplants and allowing us to treat previously untreatable wounds.” Currently, Sadtler is building connections between researchers in immunology and bioengineering to help promote discoveries in regenerative medicine.
scholar.google.com   ·   @KSadtler ×

DeAndrea Salvador

Environmental justice advocate
DeAndrea Salvador advocates for inclusive clean energy policies that help low-income families reduce their energy costs.
In the US, low income families pay more for energy: while an energy bill more than 6% of a household’s income is considered unaffordable, low income households can pay more than 20% of their income on energy. Sustainability expert DeAndrea Newman Salvador is working to change that. In 2014, she founded Renewable Energy Transition Initiative (RETI), a nonprofit that advocates for inclusive clean energy policies that help low-income families sustainably reduce their energy costs with access to cutting-edge technology. Salvador works to change energy policy, serving on the board of directors for Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!), which empowers youth to create community change. She serves on the Mecklenburg County Air Quality Commission, addressing air-quality improvements and concerns. Ultimately,  Salvador is working to break the systemic chains of high energy burdens by mobilizing community-centered approaches to decrease energy costs and increase quality of life.
retiset.org   ·   @DNewmanSalvador ×

Sarah Sandman

Artist + designer
Sarah Sandman uses design to amplify messages of social justice.
Artist and designer Sarah Sandman creates experiences that amplify messages of social and environmental justice -- such as Brick x Brick, a public art performance inspired by the 2016 US election that builds human "walls" against the language of misogyny. 

Bill "Blinky Bill" Sellanga

Kenyan musician, producer and DJ Blinky Bill Sellanga makes experimental, genre-bending music for popular radio while addressing political themes and giving voice to Kenyan youth.

Producer, DJ and musician, Bill Sellanga (also known as "Blinky Bill") makes experimental, genre-bending music for popular radio. He is also the frontman of popular musical collective Just A Band, whose most recent album, Sorry for the Delay, was released in 2012. Sellanga released a solo EP, We Cut Keys While You Wait, earlier this year, and he is currently working on his first full length solo album, Everyone's Just Winging It and Other Fly Tales

@HeyHeyBlinky   ·   blinkybillmusic.com ×

Claire Simeone

Marine mammal veterinarian
Claire Simeone studies how the health of marine mammals informs and influences both human and ocean health.
Veterinarian and conservationist Claire Simeone studies how the health of marine mammals influences human and ocean health, emphasizing the interrelatedness of human and animal well-being. With a background in marine mammal medicine and wildlife conservation, Simeone is the Hospital Director at The Marine Mammal Center in Ke Kai Ola, Hawaii, the world's only rehabilitation hospital dedicated to endangered Hawaiian monk seals. Having recently completed a study of neurologic disease in sea lions housed in zoos and aquaria, her current work investigates new therapies medical for marine mammals.
marinemammalcenter.org   ·   @claire_simeone ×

Kotchakorn Voraakhom

Urban landscape architect
Kotchakorn Voraakhom builds green infrastructure to increase urban resilience and protect communities from climate change.
Landscape architect Kotchakorn Voraakhom’s tackles climate change and urban ecological problems through novel landscape architectural design. She is the founder of Landprocess, a Bangkok-based design firm that builds public green spaces and green infrastructure, aiming both to increase urban resilience and to protect vulnerable communities from the devastating effects of climate change. She’s also the founder and CEO of Porous City Network, a landscape architecture social enterprise working to increase urban resilience in Southeast Asian cities, where flooding and water scarcity are exacerbated by dense urban settings. Voraakhom has designed Chulalongkorn Centennial Park, a major urban ecological park at the heart of Bangkok, as well as productive public green spaces along the floodplain and coastal areas of Bangkok.
www.landprocess.co.th   ·   www.porouscity.org ×

Olga Yurkova

Journalist, editor
TED Fellow Olga Yurkova is a journalist and cofounder of StopFake.org, an independent Ukrainian organization that trains an international cohort of fact-checkers in an effort to curb propaganda and misinformation in the media.

Olga Yurkova edits the Context and Opinions sections of StopFake.org. She teaches different audiences how propaganda works and how to identify fake news, consulting a range of organizations and public structures and collaborating with mainstream media as a journalist.

Yurkova explores propaganda methods and finds out new ways to overcome these new challenges. In June 2017, she and her colleagues Maarten Schenk and Jordy Nijenhuis launched a project called Forbidden Facts, which explains how fake news spreads online through clickbait headlines on Facebook that reach out to skeptical audiences.

Yurkova has 15 years of experience in journalism. She headed the local multimedia newsroom in Ternopil city for six years, becoming the market leader during that time. She then ran the Donbas and Crimea department at the national multimedia newsroom Nova Informacia for three years. She has been working as a new media trainer since 2012. 

For fighting propaganda, Yurkova was included into the list of New Europe 100 and was named a TED Fellow in 2018.

stopfake.org/en   ·   @olga_yurkova ×

Mikhail Zygar

Journalist, writer, filmmaker
Mikhail Zygar is the founder of Future History -- a creative digital studio behind Project1917 and 1968.digital.

Mikhail Zygar is a Russian journalist, writer and filmmaker and the founding editor-in-chief of the Russian independent news TV-channel, Dozhd (2010 - 2015). Prior to Dozhd, Zygar worked for Newsweek Russia and the business daily Kommersant, where he covered the conflicts in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Serbia and Kosovo. His bestseller All the Kremlin's Men is based on an unprecedented series of interviews with Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, presenting a radically different view of power and politics in Russia. His recent book The Empire Must Die was released in Russian and English in 2017. It portrays the years leading up to the Russian revolution and the vivid drama of Russia's brief and exotic experiment with civil society before it was swept away by the Communist Revolution.

project1917.com   ·   @zygaro ×
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